You will find here articles I wrote about flight training. Useful? You are the judge. Head to my CFI Site for more.

  1. Practical Test. What to expect and a checklist.
  2. Glidepaths, how many? Can you list all possible types of glidepaths?
  3. How to level off at MDA? Consider options how to fly coupled non-precision approaches.
  4. Envelope Extension Maneuvers: Should you train like you fly?
  5. Activate and Vectors. What is that fuzz about activating approaches and activate vector to final?
  6. Who needs a VDP. All Bay Area airports had low visibility due to smoke. Do you need to worry about it when you fly an instrument approach?
  7. Cirrus Perspective Departure Configuration. So many things to set up before takeoff. Do you know what to do?
  8. IFR Approach in a Cirrus Perspective. Simple approach, should be easy. Find out if you missed any steps.
  9. Course Selection using OBS. Ah, the magic OBS button. This is with GNS430, but the same concepts apply to G1000 and Perspective.
  10. Auto-sequencing and OBS. It automatically sequences you to the next waypoint. What if you don’t want it?
  11. GNS430 default page. You are not flying on the map page, are you?